Interview with Matej Fuchs

Matej FuchsMatej Fuchs is man of many interests from the Czechia. He is skilled internet marketer, web builder, crypto investor, amateur photographer, passionate amateur astrologist and one of the most stably happy person I`ve ever met.

Matej filled his questionnaire here. This interview is a little extension to his quiz.


What exactly is happiness for you? What does it mean to be happy?

I think that I already answered this question in the main questionnaire, but whatever =) ..

With good health (and love, but love is connected to happiness), the happiness is among the core fundaments for good and fulfilling life. So for me it is an essential life goal and attribute that I constantly seek to accomplish :) But happiness is not a goal that you can reach like etc. some destination.. It is a state you want your body and your mind to be in as much time as possible. 

Could you please specify where do you see difference between happiness and well-being?

Uff .. just dictionary =) .. I see those words like that happiness is an upgrade / next level of well-being .. well-being is like you have a good health, love, money, good job etc. in your life and you are trying to live the life at full. That is great! But even with all those things the happiness is not guaranteed and you can be happy even if some of your well-being empire is being broken or challenged. 

Do you think avoiding stress leads to happiness?

Yes :) But it depends. If you are avoiding stress that could cause more stress in the future, you are doing it wrong. 

I like your idea about tiny problems in endless universe. Don’t you feel meaningless then?

Yes I do! And that is the point! And more important.. it is true. Even Trump or Putin are all meaningless human beings in the waste of universe. You are here (in this world) for just a brief moment, so embrace it enjoy the ride :) Why bother with stress or what other people think? They will be all dead in 100plus years.. like Joker would say .. "Why so serious?" :) 

According your graphs, you seem to be pretty stably happy. Can you say what part of that is earned and what have you been born with?

Tough one :) My father thinks the same way I do, so I definitely think that genes matter in this case. Its about looking at things from above and don’t let yourself be eaten by all the tiny problems that occurs all day long. I also think that happiness is contagious like a disease.. If you surround yourself with happy people, you will get happier. But keep in mind that this also works the other way around..  

Your approach to life seems to be very positive. It’s visible on your motto: “Life is easy.” As well as ratio of your positive and negative thoughts. Is it because you mostly don’t have any bad times in your life or because, you just want to feel like this?

What can I say? I consider myself lucky :) Even my friends (like you) say so.. So maybe I even convinced myself that I really am =) I generally did not have much bad times in my life. Working family, great and loving wife, great friends, enjoyable job.. Of course all this doesn’t mean that you are happy, but it is much easier to have positive approach if things are going your way. 

What is the most interesting knowledge regarding to happiness you’ve earned during your life?

Life is just a game. Like computer game.. You just need to know how to play it and occasionally use some cheats :)  

What would you recommend to anybody who doesn’t feel happy and would like to.

Fuck-off all of your little problems =) You thing that they are important, but they really not. So start thinking positive and life will reward you. Of course this works only if you are healthy person and have some future in front of you. As I said before..  Life is a precious gift. We all should feel grateful to be alive and don’t waste our lives in stress and unhappiness. We probably won’t have another shot :)

Do you want to say anything at the end?

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