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Happyence: Do it for yourself, do it for others

"Happyence is about sharing experiences about how to reach happiness with others."

That's it: HAPPY experiENCE

Maybe, you know exactly what happiness is and how to be happy in your life. That's great, let’s share your way with others. 

The important thing is, not everybody knows what happiness in life means. The others may not know the way how to be happy. 

You are here on the right place. 

Take a place. Take a time. Find calm place and go through the quiz. The most important thing is to think about happiness in your life. Then you can make your life happier. 

You might be surprised how many people have the same ideas or desperately seek something what could be totally obvious to you.  

If you finally decide not to share your ways how to be happy, you can still seek inspiration from others Happyences.  

Hopefully you can find here the answers to the essential question on How to be happy?


Meaning of happiness 

Happiness has different meaning for everyone. Everybody can reach it by his own way. 

That is the reason why it is so difficult to describe happiness or give advice how to be happy.

Do you know what happiness is?  Good for you. Share it with others. 

You are not sure? Browse this web and seek happyences of similar people. 

Happiness quiz

What is Happyence good for?

There are two sides of benefits. When you share happiness attitude, you are forced to deeply think about yourself, which is rare in nowadays rush. You must concentrate on your life and actually name your feelings. It can be hard, but definitely worthy.
Second side benefit is for seekers. There is never enough inspiration.

Understand your happiness

Do you understand what happiness means to you? Think about it, make it for your better life.

Name abstract things

By naming the things which make you happy or unhappy you help yourself to understand.

Write it down

By giving it written form, you create a specific model of happiness which can be developed in future.

Share what makes you happy

Sharing experiences and helping others making world better. Share what you've got and do a good thing.

Access to information

Quality and well searchable information is the basic for good research.

Happiness is not exact science

Searching happyences according your current needs gives your the right answers in the right time.

Need an option?

Critical thinking is the right tool for personal development. Read more other experiences and make your own.

Know the people

Search experiences from people who are ahead just a little. Otherwise you can get lost in translation.

Few info about Happyence.com

The idea of sharing experiences about happiness came from the movie "Hector and the Search for Happiness". Web construction came on spring 2017.

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Happyence is platform for experiences with happiness

Our mission is help people find their way to be happy. Happier people means better world. Be part of it and share your way.

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