Andrea Tkacukova about happiness

quote „It`s only my decision whether I will be happy or not.“

How to be happy

My method? I believe in the motto that the outside world reflects what is inside. So for the last almost 10 years I am working on my personal development through seminars, workshops, therapies etc. I believe that if I solve and understand the patterns which happened to me in my past, I can influence my future much better.

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About Andrea Tkacukova

Name: Andrea Tkacukova
Gender: Female
Age: 31, Birth: 1986
Education: Bachelor degree or equivalent
Things making me happy:
helping people | learning new things | sharing my knowledge
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My life values

to be honest, open, friendly and helpful to other people and to live a fulfilling life that make a difference in somebody else`s life

What does happiness means to me?

It is a feeling that I don`t need a reason from outside to feel happy. It is when all goes as I want to and I have this inner peace inside me. Especially when there is no specific reason, just because I am living my life.

What does well-being means to me?

I think it is kinda same as a happiness in the previous question. It is overcoming the obstacles, solving problems in my life towards some goals and this feeling when it`s achieved or solved.

What influenced me in relation to happiness?

I decided to be happy when I was small, I lived with my divorced mum, she had many troubles with earning enough money. I was also beaten by my step-father for few years when I didn`t obey. I made many decisions not to live this way when I would have grown up.

How I sacrifice my happiness to something else?

I don`t anymore :)

My daily routine

I don`t have any specific routine, I think. I am just thankful every day that I woke up. There were times I was afraid I wouldn`t wake up and I had panic attacks but it is gone. We have a sticker on the wall saying "thank you".

How happy am I?

How satisfied am I?

Thoughts come to mind accidentally

Positive: Many times in a day

Negative: Few times in a day

How important is happiness for me?

How much I work on happiness?

I think I know meaning of my life.

Standard of living satisfaction

Health satisfaction

Achievement satisfaction

Relationship satisfaction

Safety satisfaction

Being part of community satisfaction

Future security satisfaction

My perception of happiness and well-being in time (%)