Sheila Riikonen about happiness

quote „Live life to the fullest.“

How to be happy

Lately, I have not been happy because I feel I am stuck in a situation where I have no control. To get out of this situation, I need to give up a couple of things that I love most. So I will try that path and hope it is reversible.

Recently, my strategy is to think only of the things that make me unhappy at certain times of the day. Not throughout every waking moment.

Especially with material things, I do not cling to them, and they are least of my priority. If somebody steals something from me, sometimes I let it go thinking they need that material item more than I do.

When someone leaves or dies, I think about the better place they are going, without thinking of doing harm to myself of course. I am most unhappy if my loved ones are unhappy. So I always look at happiness in the eyes of people I care and love.

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About Sheila Riikonen

Name: Sheila Riikonen
Gender: Female
Age: 43, Birth: 1975
Education: Master degree or equivalent
Things making me happy:
love | Summer | Seafood

My life values

Family togetherness, work fulfillment, and passion to live creatively.

What does happiness means to me?

Silence of solitude. Laughter of children. Quiet family life, Gentle company of wise, old folks. Amazing adventures. Peace of mind.

What does well-being means to me?

Financial security. Good health and plenty of exercise. Something to do. Someone to love. Something to hope for.

How happy am I?

How satisfied am I?

How important is happiness for me?

How much I work on happiness?