Face about happiness

quote „Be in the moment“

How to be happy

Pursue things that bring you peace and joy (art, music, concerts) and surround yourself with people that you enjoy being around.

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About Face

Name: Face
Gender: Female
Age: 23, Birth: 1999
Education: Master degree or equivalent
Things making me happy:
yoga | friends | music

My life values

Honesty, patience, and acceptance

What does happiness means to me?

Happiness means finding pleasure in daily life. Happiness can be small things and big things, but it ultimately is created from within and vibrated out into the world.

What does well-being means to me?

Well-being is self-care and taking the steps to take care of your physical and mental state. Satisfaction is being content with your situation on a small and large scale.

What influenced me in relation to happiness?

Relationships, transitions, money, family

How I sacrifice my happiness to something else?

RELATIONSHIPS they involve sacrifice to ensure both people are valued in the relationship.

My daily routine

Yoga/meditation, fasting, puzzles, coffee, working in chunks, exercise, showering, comedy shows, sleep

How happy am I?

How satisfied am I?

Thoughts come to mind accidentally

Positive: At least once in a week

Negative: At least once in a week

How important is happiness for me?

How much I work on happiness?

I think I know meaning of my life.

Standard of living satisfaction

Health satisfaction

Achievement satisfaction

Relationship satisfaction

Safety satisfaction

Being part of community satisfaction

Future security satisfaction

My perception of happiness and well-being in time (%)