Ludmila Ruzickova about happiness

quote „Live every day of your life as the last one. One day it will become true. “

How to be happy

I don´t have a special metods, maybe just couple things what helped me:

1) TAKE SOME TIME - the best at least couple moments every day - to be alone and quiet. Sit or lie down and just BE. Don´t THINK, just BE. I found out that for me hepls 20 min. of morning YOGA every day. And at the evening WRITTING DAIRY. I can sort my thoughts this way and get rid of these thoughts which are useless and I just get overwhelmed by them and stressed that I did not do something yet or I did something wrong. The brain produces lots of thoughts. But I distinguish between the BRAIN and the SOUL. Brain is important for the practical life in our society full of rules and consume. It´s good to thing sometimes :) But I think that happiness is coming from SOUL - it means for me no thinking, just BEING.
For these mental things you can do (except the YOGA) also MEDITATION ...Im just trying to get into it ..and not to fall sleep everytime ..haha :)

I travel now for 7 years and I´m getting more happy then I was before. Is there some connection or it´s just random feeling? I just found out when I travel I feel more free because I´m out of the social pressure of my country and no one judge what I´m doinf wrong or right ...It me who can judge. And beacuse it´s important to love yourself (myself) I´m trying not to judge at all - and I´m more happy. I dont judge, I don´t thing too much, I just live according what my heart (soul) is saying. Is this the keys to happiness?
I also love long slow traveling (backpacking) by myself, especially by busses. I have this way plenty of time for thinking (but more in contemplation sense of meaning - just leting go the thoughts through my mind). I found out that "less is sometimes more". So I can´t live anymore the life to manage as much as possible in one day! I preffer to live every day fully by slower conscious way.

I thing that important part of happiness is to do ACTIVITY which you like, which makes you happy. The best would be to do just that in the life - no more other jobs to get money and survive in your consume society. Just to do what you like and people would pay for it to you! That´s what we should be working on it, I guess. I supposed that every person, every soul has something to do here, to bring something to others and learn also something. How we can achieve that if we have to rush every day to some job which we do just for money and paying bills? We spent all the energy and our time in that job and then we don´t have those to put it to our real life purpose! And also we don´t usually know what is our real life purpose because we do not have time to to thing about it! And also no one told us to do that for happiness of whole society. Our family and whole society just tell us: Find a good job and work hard so you will get good security in your retirement and enought money for your children. ... This is not for me the true reason why I should sacrifice my life and my happiness.

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About Ludmila Ruzickova

Name: Ludmila Ruzickova
Gender: Female
Age: 32, Birth: 1986
Education: Master degree or equivalent
Things making me happy:
sport | photography | writting
Comment of editor: Ludmila is a free spirit, traveler and great photographer. She is from Czech Republic but lived in USA, Canada, New Zeeland and traveled many other countries. You can find some of her photos on BigStock or Shutterstock
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My life values

The most important for me is FREEDOM. I don ´t like the social pressure that I should or shouldn´t do something. For that it´s also important good physical HEALTH. And LOVE - love yourself and everything around.

What does happiness means to me?

Happiness according myself is pleasant feeeling coming from inside. So it means that no one else can make you happy just yourself. For sure you can feel happy with some one else but it´s just reaction with something what you have already inside. So if you decide to be happy, you will be happy and doesn´t matter the surrending conditions. Notice, that also poor people living in terrible conditions are very happy. Why? I think, that the main reason is that "happiness is coming from inside of ourselves".

What does well-being means to me?

I understand well-being or satisfaction closely connected with term of happiness. If I´m happy I´m satisfied. I see it as very wide term including lots of aspects of the life - the health, love, relationships, prosperity.

What influenced me in relation to happiness?

I was that time working in Canada on Working holiday visa. Working a lot but I also fully lived my life doing what I like - climbing, hiking, photography. Then I went for short term (1 month) vacation to CostaRica and I had time to thing about whole my life, what was good until now and what I would like to change. I started to look for inspiration about happy living in books, in youtube chanells, everywhere around from other people to get some ideas to change my thinking and the result was coming inside..into my own soul.

How I sacrifice my happiness to something else?

Right now I´m hard working in Canada in new job. But I do it just to get permanent residency here - the financial purposes - to make money for more traveling and free time for myself in future. This is what I don´t like about our society - you need MONEY to live somehow. But I´m hoping to get chance here also to start to do what I like and start to make money from that. How Confucius said: Do what you love, and you will not WORK anymore.

My daily routine

Morning 20 min. of yoga
every day doing someting little bit for my health - sport (running, climbing, workout)
trying to eat just healthy food

How happy am I?

How satisfied am I?

Thoughts come to mind accidentally

Positive: Every day

Negative: Every day

How important is happiness for me?

How much I work on happiness?

I think I know meaning of my life.

Standard of living satisfaction

Health satisfaction

Achievement satisfaction

Relationship satisfaction

Safety satisfaction

Being part of community satisfaction

Future security satisfaction

My perception of happiness and well-being in time (%)