Elias about happiness

quote „Today I woke up and decided to be happy“

How to be happy

Emotional intelligence

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About Elias

Name: Elias
Gender: Male
Age: 32, Birth: 1985
Education: Master degree or equivalent
Things making me happy:
travelling | friends | family

My life values

humanity, empathy

What does happiness means to me?

It's the state I choose to have when I interpret the events, situations and things, in general, that are around me. Considering them sometimes in a social context as well, e.g., sharing moments with people I like to be with.

What does well-being means to me?

Challenging myself in many different ways and fail to learn or fight to achieve the goal or success and being ready to be challenged with another thing.

Knowing that my beloved people are fine...

How happy am I?

How satisfied am I?

How important is happiness for me?

How much I work on happiness?