Vojtěch Stehno about happiness

quote „Nothing from outside cannot give you so much piece, energy and happiness as much as it can give you the feeling from inside of you.“

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How to be happy

To have integrity! Be highly ethic. Which means that I do not have any secrets, no lies = if anybody asks me about anything I can openly say it to everyone. That makes my life free and much easier! I follow 21 rules of The Way To Happiness - http://www.thewaytohappiness.org

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About Vojtěch Stehno

Name: Vojtěch Stehno
Gender: Male
Age: 31, Birth: 1986
Education: Master degree or equivalent
Things making me happy:
Comment of editor: Vojtech Stehno is Co-founder and CFO of the company Foreigners.cz s.r.o. This company took 3.rd place in Vodafone Company of the Year 2016 Award.  It provides complex relocation services for expats in the Czech Republic. 

My life values

Integrity, ethic.

What does happiness means to me?

To love everything you do and love everything you have. Basicly, if you also feel stable and self-confident. You know that enjoy everyday. Feeling happy means that you talk to somebody and you feel you enjoy it and you are happy you can talk to him.

What does well-being means to me?

To be happy. Knowing that my life is in order. Everything is fine, according to my wishes. And if somebody does not go that way, well-being means, that I can face it and feel ok about it. No depresion or being sad about it. I feel satisfy if I know that I am the one who controls and guide my life. And I know how to do what I want to do.

What influenced me in relation to happiness?

I started to work on myself and step by step educated myself in self development.

How I sacrifice my happiness to something else?

Never. Why should I do it? :) I can have both - something else and happiness :)

My daily routine

Be here and now. It needs special trainings to be able to unlink your history, past failures etc. But when you are fully here and now you can be fully happy to enjoy only what is going on now. I do not do anything daily but approx. once a month I spend 2 days by educating myself by reading or doing some training.

How happy am I?

How satisfied am I?

Thoughts come to mind accidentally

Positive: Many times in a day

Negative: At least once in a month

How important is happiness for me?

How much I work on happiness?

I think I know meaning of my life.

Standard of living satisfaction

Health satisfaction

Achievement satisfaction

Relationship satisfaction

Safety satisfaction

Being part of community satisfaction

Future security satisfaction

My perception of happiness and well-being in time (%)